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Muffy Churches

Muffy Churches is a leading authority on the relationship between mindset and success. A keynote speaker, leadership performance coach, author, and media commentator, she has extensive experience in inspiring and initiating positive behavioural change in blue-chip clients around the world. She writes for news media outlets, and is a guest on both radio and television. Muffy is the author of ‘Coach Yourself, A 7-Step Guide to Personal Fulfilment’ (Love & Write Publishing 2016), and founder/director of Beyond Focal Point Pty Ltd.

Muffy Churches

Muffy has had the privilege to work with:

Corporate Programs

Our corporate offerings aspire to develop GREAT leaders. Group workshops and executive coaching packages stimulate leaders to new heights in self-discovery and behavioural transformation, producing the workplace genius required to build and lead high-performing, productive teams.

The ‘Workplace Genius Series’  is comprised of 3 inspirational courses. It models a leader’s growth and development on the success traits of the greats, and initiates discovery of hidden drivers of excellence yet to be individually expressed.

Executive Coaching packages, fine-tune the leader for exceptional performance, and provide the unparalleled opportunity for the total tailoring of work toward individualised, leadership-growth objectives.

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Private Coaching

There has been an exciting demand for Muffy’s work on ‘The Power of Mindset’ to be made available to the private sector. Through private sessions, clients are provided with the opportunity to explore the various nuances of their lives with the goal to make positive change happen where desired.

Whether looking to improve career, health, wealth, relationships or lifestyle, individuals are empowered to transform their lives based on the motto, ‘Envision, Enable, Enact and Become!’

She now offers 1×1 video-link coaching packages, as well as group webinars and live workshops to global clients interested in investing in their personal growth and development.

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Muffy Churches is considered to be a leading authority on ‘mindset’ and the effect that it has on our potential for business success and general wellbeing, whether in sales, leadership, or relationship.

She is a frequent guest on radio and television, engaging global audiences with high levels of energy, personal honesty, positivity, humour, inspiration, and infectious enthusiasm.

With a Master’s Degree from UCLA in Performing Arts and 20 years of experience in the corporate arena as a conference speaker, facilitator, and coach, she thrives on stage, seeing speaking as an absolute privilege and a rare opportunity to lift others toward their vision for achievement.

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Coach Yourself

A 7-Step Guide to Personal Fulfilment

Are you ready to take responsibility for your personal and professional growth? ‘Coach Yourself’ empowers you to self-develop at your own pace, using a 7-step process and personal workbook.

Perhaps you’re looking to become more productive, make a shift in self-limiting thought patterns, close more sales, improve relationship dynamics, overcome presentation nerves, reduce defensiveness, increase confidence, or enable assertiveness.

No matter your specific goal, this book provides the practical advice, tips, tools, case studies, and exercises that will ensure you bring it to fruition. Take a journey of self-discovery and explore the amazing power of your mindset!

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