How much of being successful is up to us? Everything! Radio host Kevin Turner interviews Muffy on the art of growth through self-coaching and the 7-steps she suggests

About the author

A keynote speaker, executive coach, leadership trainer, integrative coach-therapist, and counsellor, Muffy Churches has 20 years of extensive experience inspiring and initiating positive behavioural change in clients around the world. She is a guest writer for news media outlets, appears frequently on radio and television, and is the author of ‘Coach Yourself’, and the ‘Coach Yourself, Catalyst Card Deck.’ (Love & Write Publishing 2016).

With an initial career as a professional dancer and Master’s Thesis from UCLA titled the ‘Psychology of Performance’, her world has always been immersed in a fascination with the ingredients and mindset required to produce a great performance and a fulfilling life. Today she is the Director of Beyond Focal Point, guiding clients to develop their potential, for the joy of it!

Business, Relationships, Health, Wealth, Happiness

Shift your thinking, Enjoy Success!

Do you have a sense of urgency for change? Are you at a stage where you’re ready to positively affect your relationships, career, lifestyle, confidence, and wellbeing? ‘Coach Yourself’ is filled with practical advice, tools, case studies and workbook exercises that empower you to transform, using a 7-step process. It is a must-read if you’re looking to improve any aspect of your life.

Drawing on decades of client and personal experience, Muffy explains:
• How to self-coach yourself through obstacles and decisions
• The power of mindset and its role in our decision-making
• Why true happiness must come from within
• The barriers holding you back from your potential
• How to use fear positively
• Why we are all responsible for our own outcomes


Join a unique group of individuals that wake up every morning feeling inspired and enthusiastic


Learn to coach yourself OUT of self-limiting thought patterns and INTO a mindset of achievement and joy

7 Steps

Use this simple self-empowering process to coach yourself through positive change and personal transformation

Coach Yourself

Product Suite

Coach Yourself

A 7-Step Guide to Personal Fulfilment

WellBeing Magazine writes: “Are you ready for change? Ready to self-observe with a view to positively affecting your relationships, career, lifestyle, confidence, and health? Buckle up tight…

In this simple and comprehensive guide she teaches the essential skills and mindset needed for effective self-coaching. We’re encouraged to be brave and daring with our lives…Filled with practical advice, tips, tools, case studies and exercises Coach Yourself is for those looking to improve all aspects of their lives and step into a more confident, bright, and fulfilling future.”

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The Card Deck

Coach Yourself Catalyst Cards

Ready to empower yourself to take charge of your own destiny, create the exact experience you’ve imagined for yourself and enjoy a life filled with confidence, fun, comfort, and personal control?

If so, this inspiring deck of 36 Catalyst Cards has been designed for you. There is nothing to DO, just new ways to THINK. Trust your intuition to select a random card and it will connect you to a specific life-enhancing secret. Practical tips are included to help you bring the card’s concept to life.

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The COACH YOURSELF Video Series (8)

Coming soon!

If you prefer a more visual experience for initiating change, you’ll soon be able to download ‘The COACH YOURSELF Video Series’.

In it, you’ll be guided through an 8-part journey of inspirational, self-empowerment tools, tips, and techniques. Taking progress at your own pace, the videos will provide an introduction to the power of your mindset, the core concepts behind the art of self-coaching, then walk you through the 7-step Process to help you ‘Envision, Enable, Enact, and Become!’ the new you, you have chosen to be.

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Live, on-line learning: Enjoy the power of group presence!

Muffy will be presenting live webinars on topics such as ‘The Power of Mindset’, ‘Personal Empowerment & Self-Coaching’, and ‘The Art of Success’.

Many will be absolutely free! They generally run for an hour and will offer you the opportunity to grab a quick fix of information and exercises that will kick-start you on your way to the positive and powerful life change that you want. Keep an eye on the ‘Upcoming Events’ strip at the bottom of the homepage for notification of date and times.

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