There has been an exciting demand for Muffy’s work on ‘The Power of Mindset’ to be made available to the private sector, so whether you’re a professional desiring to invest in your own performance growth or an individual interested in initiating life changes around career, health, wealth, relationships or lifestyle, private coaching sessions will be your inspirational and empowering freeway to success.

She is thrilled to provide her global clients with 1×1 video-link coaching packages, offering the unparalleled opportunity for the total tailoring of work toward individualised objectives. Specialising in the art of success and the direct link between our ‘mindset’ and our ability to achieve desired change, Muffy will inspire, enable and guide you to actualise your transformation to new levels of personal brilliance and wellbeing.

Embarking on Personal Transformation

In the active pursuit of our personal growth we move ever closer to the life of our dreams!


Video 1: The Process


Video 2: Interview


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‘Eclectic Intuitive’: Mix of techniques spanning academic thinking, applied psych models, and 20 years experience

Success Rates?

Heightened levels of self-awareness generate degrees of transformation, dependent upon client courage, motivation, and perseverance

Psychological Safety?

A commitment to confidentiality linked to a relationship based on non-judgment, positivity, honesty, and… equality


Life-shifting self-realisation, and subsequent personal transformation- The joy of achievement in enhanced life confidence, comfort, and control


A ‘breaking free’ from ineffective thought patterns, belief systems, and personal myths that create non-constructive behaviour


Generally, bi-monthly (6) session packages, delivered by 1x1 video-link (Skype or Facetime)


Muffy Churches is an accomplished conference speaker and frequent guest on radio and television, engaging global audiences with high levels of energy, personal honesty, positivity, humour, inspiration, and infectious enthusiasm. With a Master’s Degree from UCLA in Performing Arts and 20 years of experience in the corporate arena as presenter, facilitator, and coach, she thrives on stage, driving audiences toward their vision for achievement.

A considered authority on ‘Mindset’ and its effect on our potential for personal success and general wellbeing, Muffy Churches speaks on a plethora of topics, but is best known for entertaining audiences with keynotes on “The Art of Success: Playing the Mind Game” and “The Art of Growth: Empower the Genius Within”. She states, “ Presenting is an absolute privilege to mind-share with many.”

2GB Sunday Morning Radio

2GB Sunday Morning Radio

House of Wellness : Muffy Churches, with Ed Phillips, Michelle Bidges, and Gerald Quigley (Oct 23 2016 9:10am)

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Sky News

Sky News

Host James Dagger-Nickson discusses "Traits of the Corporate Greats" with Muffy Churches and Dr John Demartini

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Real Estate UNCUT

Real Estate UNCUT

Kevin Turner interviews Muffy (10-session podcast) : 'The link between business success and the art of self-coaching'

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Advance your career and grow as a leader: Experience 1×1 Session Packages, that will fine-tune you for exceptional performance, and provide the unparalleled opportunity for a total tailoring of work toward your individualised, leadership-growth objectives.

Interested in Leadership Workshops?

The 3-part ‘Workplace Genius’ Series (I LEAD, I COACH, and IM EQ) models the success traits of the greats. Each module initiates self-discovery and the development of hidden drivers of professional brilliance yet to be fully expressed.

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A 7-Step Guide to Personal Fulfilment

Empower yourself in the pursuit of professional or personal growth and make the transition toward the individual you are ready to be.