Great leaders are sometimes born, however they may also be ‘made’. High IQ’s and technical skills may be prerequisites to promotion, but on their own, they are not enough. Leaders that THRIVE have high levels of EQ.

EQ being the art of self-awareness, drive, empathy, passion, collaboration, and the ability to regulate self and others emotionally – all skills that may be enhanced or acquired through training and coaching as below.

Corporate EXECUTIVE Coaching

1x1 Executive Session Packages, fine-tune the leader for exceptional performance, and provide the unparalleled opportunity for the total tailoring of work toward individualised, leadership-growth objectives.



A leading authority on ‘Success and the Power of Mindset’, Muffy Churches passionately engages global audiences at conferences, on radio and television, inspiring leaders to initiate exhilarating change.


Leadership Workshops

The 3-part WORKPLACE GENIUS Series, models the success traits of the greats. Each program initiates self-discovery and the development of hidden drivers of brilliance yet to be fully expressed in the individual.



Real-time learning with a seasoned, engaging and inspirational webinar presenter has its benefits: It’s efficient, economical, scalable, cross-cultural, and is loaded with the power of organisation-wide group presence!


Corporate Executive Coaching

At some point in life if we’re lucky, we experience the joy of discovering our passion and sense of purpose- the driver of our wellbeing and sense of self-validation. Muffy has uncovered this for herself in the powerful dynamic of Executive Coaching and describes her role as “…the unconditional privilege to share a leader’s inner world for the purpose of positive personal and professional transformation.”

Muffy provides 1×1 Executive Session Packages which fine-tune the leader for exceptional performance, and offer the unparalleled opportunity for the total tailoring of work toward individualised leadership objectives. She specialises in the art of success and the direct link between achievement and mindset- inspiring, enabling and actualising change, to empower her clients to reach new levels of both personal and workplace brilliance.



‘Eclectic Intuitive’: Plethora of techniques spanning academic thinking, applied psych models, and 20 years experience

Success Rates?

Heightened levels of self-awareness generate degrees of transformation, dependent upon client courage, motivation, and perseverance

Psychological Safety?

A commitment to confidentiality linked to a relationship based on non-judgment, positivity, honesty, and… equality


Career shifting self-realisation and subsequent professional transformation. Enhanced confidence, comfort, workplace effectiveness, and agile control


A ‘breaking free’ from ineffective thought patterns, belief systems, and personal myths that create non-constructive behaviour


Generally, bi-monthly 10-session packages, delivered onsite or split between face-to-face and live video, depending on location

Leadership Workshops

Generous IQ and technical acumen help catapult a professional in their early years, but past that point, the making of a great leader is reliant on the development of a collection of other essential attributes which can be acquired and exercised at will. The 3-part ‘WORKPLACE GENIUS’ Series awakens leaders to their traits of brilliance, and empowers them with the tools for professional transformation.

The Series ‘evolves’ leaders, moving them from an exploration of the attributes of brilliance, into the art of growth using a self-coaching process, and culminating in an individualised study of their emotional intelligence and management of conflict triggers. It is an inspirational platform, cultivating the integral ingredients of positive power and presence – the traits of the greats, who build high performing teams.


Program 1:


Attributes of Corporate Superstars

Exploration of the traits of the greats, offering the unlocking of a leader’s hidden potential for brilliance

Program 2:


The Art of Growth: Developing Self and Team

Introducing the Muffy Churches 7-step Kaizen process for self-coaching- ‘change’ as a daily work in progress

Program 3:


Building Powerful Relationships

The transformational ‘extreme sport’ of self-awareness –Investigation into one’s ability to connect with integrity for constructive outcomes


Muffy Churches is an accomplished conference speaker and frequent guest on radio and television, engaging global audiences with high levels of energy, personal honesty, positivity, humour, inspiration, and infectious enthusiasm. With a Master’s Degree from UCLA in Performing Arts and 20 years of experience in the corporate arena as presenter, facilitator, and coach, she thrives on stage, driving professionals toward their vision for achievement.

A considered authority on ‘Mindset’ and its effect on our potential for business success and general wellbeing, Muffy Churches speaks on a mix of topics, but is best known for entertaining audiences with keynotes on ‘The Art of Success: Playing the Mind Game’ and ‘The Art of Growth: Empower the Genius Within’. She states, “ Presenting is an absolute privilege to mind-share with many.”

2GB Sunday Morning Radio

2GB Sunday Morning Radio

House of Wellness : Muffy Churches, with Ed Phillips, Michelle Bridges, and Gerald Quigley (Oct 23 2016 9:10am)

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Sky News

Sky News

Host James Dagger-Nickson discusses "Traits of the Corporate Greats" with Muffy Churches and Dr John Demartini

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Real Estate UNCUT

Real Estate UNCUT

Kevin Turner interviews Muffy (10-session podcast) : 'The link between business success and the art of self-coaching'

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Your staff will enjoy on-line learning with Muffy, a seasoned, engaging, and inspirational presenter. She delivers live webinars on demand for her corporate audiences on an eclectic list of topics. Most popular recently are ‘The Art of Success: Playing the Mind Game’, ‘The Power of Mindset in Productivity’ and ‘The Art of Self-Coaching: Owning Professional Growth’. She often customises webinars to accommodate internal learning needs.

Live webinars have their benefits in being efficient, economical, scalable, cross-cultural, and loaded with the power of organisation-wide group presence! Muffy has been delivering real-time learning programs for 15 years and has had the privilege to present on-line for blue-chip organisations such as LinkedIn, Dell, Fuji Xerox, and HP. Webinars may be run as one-offs or as a series on a topic over time.

Coach Yourself

A 7-Step Guide to Personal Fulfilment

Enjoy self-discovery and explore the amazing power of your mindset as you work toward your goal…perhaps to improve productivity, enhance your leadership identity, make a shift in self-limiting thought patterns, close more sales, improve relationship dynamics, overcome presentation nerves, reduce defensiveness, increase confidence, or enable assertiveness. This book provides the practical advice, tips, tools, case studies, and exercises that will ensure you bring it to fruition.

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